Maximize Your Workout: Discovering the Benefits of Resistance Band Training Methods

Resistance band training has emerged as a highly effective and versatile workout method, capable of delivering impressive results. One of the key advantages of resistance band training is its ability to target specific muscle groups, allowing for greater muscle engagement and definition. Unlike traditional weightlifting exercises, resistance bands provide constant tension throughout the entire range…

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From Beginner to Pro: How Resistance Bands Can Transform Your Workout Routine

Resistance bands are a versatile and effective tool that can truly transform your workout routine. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, incorporating resistance bands into your workouts can enhance your strength, improve muscle definition, and boost overall fitness. At Board30, we understand the power of resistance bands and have designed our workouts to…

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Reasons Why We Love Resistance Bands: Elevate Your Fitness Routine

One of the primary reasons we love resistance bands is their incredible versatility. These simple yet effective fitness tools can be used for a wide range of exercises, targeting various muscle groups throughout your body. From strength training to mobility work and even rehabilitation exercises, resistance bands offer a full-body workout experience. Whether you’re a…

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2023 Biggest Fitness Trends, AND BOARD30 Can Handle Them All!

SHAPE Fitness released their “what expect to see” this year, and the BOARD30 workout touches on them all. MOBILITY TRAINING is a workout that improves your ability to move your muscles and joints through various movements safely. With BOARD30, in our classic 30-minute class, you touch upon every muscle through a wide range of exercises, think…

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Staying Motivated to workout

Woman stretching getting ready to workout

Staying motivated to work out It’s not a secret to anyone that working out is challenging. As the buzz of the near year wears off, it can be harder to maintain motivation. Here are 5 ways to motivate yourself: Start a friendly competition Adding a competition component to working out has proven to be effective…

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The Importance of Regular Exercise

group of women wearing black and working out at BOARD30 with resistance bands and balls

We all know that exercise is an important part of keeping healthy, but that doesn’t always mean we keep a regular exercise routine. The expert team at BOARD30 knows how big a difference a healthy lifestyle can make. Let’s talk about the importance of regular exercise for your health.  The Importance of Regular Exercise Immediate…

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How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

holiday meal spread out including healthy options for staying fit during the holidays

The holiday season is upon us. It’s a busy season full of gatherings, food, and fun, but it can be a hard time to keep up on your personal health. Staying fit during a season of travel and indulgence can be difficult. BOARD30 has put together a list of tips to help you stay fit…

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What Causes Muscle Soreness and How to Reduce It

muscle soreness

We’ve all experienced the tight a sore muscles post workout. Sometimes sore muscles feel great. A good sore feeling can make you feel like you are really getting results. On the other hand, being sore can inhibit your workout flow or day to day life. There are simple ways to help prevent and reduce muscle…

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4 Tips to Make Cooking Healthy Easier

BOARD30 Santa Fe

It’s no secret that cooking at home is one of the best ways to get healthy nutritious meals. Preparing your own food lets you ensure every ingredient going in is fresh and healthy. Taking the time to prepare and clean up from those meals is where the struggle comes in. Junk food and meals on…

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Find the Right Workout for You

BOARD30 Santa Fe find the right workout for you

BOARD30 is an innovative workout experience that weaves together aspects of strength training, yoga, barre, pilates, and cardio. It’s a program for all fitness levels and abilities, and it engages the entire body to work to rebuild and repair your muscles and ligaments. Each client works out on their own individual BodyBoard, all spaced at…

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